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Welcome to Murmansk Arctic State University!

In November 2014 the University celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The Anniversary is the time when we estimate the past, comprehend the present and plan the future. University met its Anniversary worthily not only demonstrating its correspondence to modern demands but also having great creative and professional potential. The results that the University has already gained are the basis for its future success, the outcome of the intense work of those who have created the University’s reputation. The history of Murmansk Arctic State University lets us look forward with certainty, because during this period the University has become the center of science and culture in the Kola North and its graduates, being the intellectual elite of the region, strengthen and increase its glory.

Latest local events:

Meeting with Norwegian Consul Печать
11.02.2010 г.

On the 10th of February 2010 Elin Marie Hellum, Konsul of the Royal Norwegian Consulate-General, and Tatjana Dezjina, secretary of the Consulate, visited MSPU. They had a meeting with Pavel Fedorov, MSPU Vice-Rector for Science and Research, Inna Ryzhkova, Director of the Center for Academic Mobility, International Projects and Programs, Alexandra Burtseva, Vice-Director of the Center, and Alexandr Sautkin, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology. During the meeting they discussed perspectives of the Norwegian and Russian cooperation in the sphere of education and culture, including MSPU participation in the development of the Master program "Boderology" together with Bodø University College, as well as courses of Norwegian at MSPU with the use of "Migranorsk", International Winter and Summer Schools for students, MSPU participation in the grant competition for the Ibsen Scholarship.

New International Project Announced Печать
08.02.2010 г.
On the 7th of February 2010 the official meeting took place between MSPU administration and the representatives of the Ministry of National policy and cooperation with religious societies in Karelian Republic, as well as with the Institute of language, literature and history at Karelian Scientific Center, in particular with Minister Manin A.A., Doctor of philosophy Zaitzeva N.G., Cand. Sc. (History) Strogalshikova Z.I. and with the coordinator of state programmes on indigenous groups Haritonova E.V. During the meeting the questions concerning joint working out of the international project on research in the field of history, language, including the process of indigenous groups' native language revitalization in Barents region were discussed. The decision was made to apply for an "IESP Kolarctic" programme and to organize a preparatory meeting in spring 2010 at MSPU with inviting the partners from Norway and Sweden. 
Meeting with our norwegian colleagues Печать
27.01.2010 г.

On the 26th January the Deputy mayor of Kirkenes, director of Kirkenes Adult Learning Centre Lisbeth Isaksen, coordinator of International programs Torgeir Johansen and the interpreter Lisa Stepanova visited MSPU. There were the following representatives of MSPU at the meeting: Rector of MSPU, Professor A. Sergeev, Vice-rector on Scientific and Research Work, PhD P. Fedorov, the Director of the Center for Academic Mobility, International Projects and Programs I. Ryzhkova and the Head of International Department B. Shuruhova. During the meeting the following questions were discussed: possibilities of developing joint master program in boderology, realization of the international project "English language in the Borderland schools", organization of distant courses in Norwegian for teachers and students of MSPU.

Meeting with Martti Ruokokoski, Consul of Finland Печать
10.12.2009 г.

On the 10th of December Consul of Finland Martti Ruokokoski visited Murmansk State Pedagogical University. He had a meeting with Professor Andrey Sergeev, Rector of MSPU, Pavel Fedorov, PhD, Vice-Rector on Science and Research and Inna Ryzhkova, PhD, Head of International Department. Perspectives of the Russian-Finnish cooperation in the sphere of higher education and sciences were discussed during the meeting.

Meeting with Professor Erik Egeberg Печать
20.12.2009 г.

On the 17th−19th December 2009 Professor Erik Egeberg (University of Tromso, Norway) visited Murmansk State Pedagogical University within the research and practice conference "Maslov Readings". Professor Egeberg is one of the most famous Norwegian translators of the Old Russian and Russian classical literature. For the translation of "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov he was awarded the National Norwegian prime for contribution in literature and culture in 2005.

Professor Egeberg had a meeting with Professor Andrey Sergeev, Rector of MSPU, then he made a presentation on "Life of Avvakum" in the Norwegian translation", conducted a Round table with the students from the Faculty of Philology and Journalism on "The image of Prophet in the Russian lyrics", discussed the problems of translation with his colleagues from MSPU Department of English language and English philology.

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