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Welcome to Murmansk Arctic State University!

In November 2014 the University celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The Anniversary is the time when we estimate the past, comprehend the present and plan the future. University met its Anniversary worthily not only demonstrating its correspondence to modern demands but also having great creative and professional potential. The results that the University has already gained are the basis for its future success, the outcome of the intense work of those who have created the University’s reputation. The history of Murmansk Arctic State University lets us look forward with certainty, because during this period the University has become the center of science and culture in the Kola North and its graduates, being the intellectual elite of the region, strengthen and increase its glory.

Latest local events:

"Comparative approaches in social work with children and youth in Russia and Norway" Печать
13.04.2016 г.
On the 4th – 8th of April 2016 in Norwegian Arctic University (Finnmark Faculty, Alta) was held an international seminar on "Comparative approaches in social work with children and youth in Russia and Norway". Svetlana Petoshina, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Tatiana Tegaleva, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Deputy Director for the social work at the Institute of Social sciences and Humanities read lectures on the basics social work, considered the main social problems in Russia, as well as provided information on professional and methodological approaches in solving social problems.
IV Kant Bakhtin Seminar Печать
22.03.2016 г.
On the 16th – 17th of March the IV International Kant and Bakhtin Seminar was held at Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU). This philosophical forum has already become a traditional spring event, which is attended by leading representatives of the University science in the European North. Researchers from different countries gathered again in Murmansk to discuss issues of such humanities research area as "borderology”. The border is not only and perhaps not so much a geographical notion because everything that we can perceive and think of, is linked with the concept of the border. Perceiving ourselves, we draw the line between ourselves and other people; comprehending our own culture base, we distinguish it from cultures of other people; talking about the laws of nature and social development, we need a clear definition of the concepts, for which we introduce multiple terminological distinctions. The mental, conceptual, cultural and social borders are the subject of borderological studies which were initiated by philosophers from Murmansk and the Norwegian city of Bodø in 2008.
«Workshop on Euroarctic Cross-Border Tourism» Печать
22.03.2016 г.
On the 17th -18th of March 2016 «Workshop on Euroarctic Cross-Border Tourism» was organized by University of Tromso, Arctic University of Norway. The seminar was devoted to the issues of cross-border cooperation in the tourism sector. MASU was represented by Tatiana Ashutova, PhD, Head of the Department of Arts, Service and Tourism, Tatiana Belevskykh, PhD, director of TIC, Yulia Shestova, coordinator of the department of scientific work and international cooperation.
Representatives of the US Consulate General visited MASU Печать
19.02.2016 г.
On the 18th of February, 2016 representatives of the US Consulate General visited MASU. The delegation included Deputy Principal Officer Courtney R.Nemroff, Political and Economic Officer Sarah Longbrake and consular assistant Alexei Gorodetsky. During the meeting at MASU they discussed perspectives of cooperation between MASU and US Universities in the sphere of student and teacher academic mobility, implementation of research projects on the Arctic-related issues. Special attention was paid to the Russian-American cooperation realized within the University of Arctic.
Meeting a Delegation from Germany Печать
02.12.2015 г.
On November 26th, 2015 the representatives of the Land association of children's and youth recreation centers in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) visited Murmansk Arctic State University. The delegation included organization board members, as well as students of German schools. Vice-rector for Science and Research Galina Zhigunova and Head of Research work and International Cooperation Office Inna Ryzhkova greeted the guests.
Seminar "Home" Печать
02.12.2015 г.
International Scientific and Practical Seminar "Home" took place at Murmansk Arctic State University on 24-25 November. The seminar became the first event within the project "MASU laboratory of anthropological research".
The session of the project “Cultural Initiative Incubator” Печать
12.10.2015 г.
On 5-8 October, 2015 during the session of the project “Cultural Initiative Incubator” the participants from Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Republic of Karelia, Nenets Autonomous District and the Murmansk region presented their creative ideas and offered different directions of the project activities development. The representatives from Murmansk State Humanities University Head of the Department of Research and International Cooperation Inna Ryzhkova, Head of the Department of Arts, Service and Tourism Tatiana Ashutova, Specialist of the Department of Research and International Cooperation Yulia Mitina attended this session. Last year Murmansk State Humanities University was a project partner of the University of Lapland (Finland), and this year has also become a partner in several international projects.
Meeting with the children's writer Endre Lund Eriksen Печать
09.10.2015 г.
On October 8, 2015 Endre Lund Eriksen, author of children's books, member of the Writers' Union of Northern Norway visited Murmansk State Humanities University in order to tell the students and the teachers about his famous books. The representatives of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General Vice-Consul Wergard Valley, trainee of the Consulate Einar Christensen, Consul Assistant in Cultural Affairs Tatiana Dezhina, Consul Assistant in Public Affairs Maria Salikova were among the honored guests. Head of the Department of Russian Philology Natalia Shevchenko, Associate Professor Marina Naumlyuk organized the meeting.
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