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Welcome to Murmansk Arctic State University!

In November 2014 the University celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The Anniversary is the time when we estimate the past, comprehend the present and plan the future. University met its Anniversary worthily not only demonstrating its correspondence to modern demands but also having great creative and professional potential. The results that the University has already gained are the basis for its future success, the outcome of the intense work of those who have created the University’s reputation. The history of Murmansk Arctic State University lets us look forward with certainty, because during this period the University has become the center of science and culture in the Kola North and its graduates, being the intellectual elite of the region, strengthen and increase its glory.

Latest local events:

Intensive educational course in Tourism Destination Development in the Barents Region in Murmansk Печать
05.11.2014 г.
On 27-31 October 2014 an intensive training course in Tourism Destination Development in the Barents region was conducted at Murmansk State Humanities University in cooperation with the University of Lapland. The main idea of the project is the practical implementation of cooperation in northern countries in the sphere of developing tourism and promoting the northern tourism product. The Faculty of Physical Culture and Safety, the Faculty of Journalism and Intercultural Communications and MSHU Tourism and Information Center took part in the arrangements on behalf of MSHU. As a result of the course, the students defended projects in international teams, directed at promoting a concrete café in Murmansk within the Barents dimension. We hope that the project will continue its work. We are looking forward to next year.
“Philosophy in the Border Zone” Печать
20.10.2014 г.
On 16-17 October the international science and practice symposium “Philosophy in the Border Zone” took place at Arts School in Nikel. The organizers of the symposium were Nordland University (Bodo, Norway) and Murmansk State Humanities University. During the symposium in the form of a philosophical dialogue researchers from Saint-Petersburg State University, Murmansk State Humanities University, Nordland University, University of Tromso and Helsinki University shared their reflections on understanding the phenomenon of the border, northern identity formation process, dialogue of cultures in the border zone.
A visit of the Consul of the Republic of Poland to MSHU Mrs. Lucyna Morawska-Uhryn Печать
03.10.2014 г.
On the 01.10.2014 Mrs. Lucyna Morawska-Uhryn, Consul of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, paid a visit to the MSHU.

During the visit, there was a meeting with the rector of MSHU, Andrey Sergeev and representatives from the International cooperation department – the head of the department Inna Ryzhkova and the vice-head Alexandra Burtseva. The meeting was focused on the new perspectives in cooperation between Polish Universities and the MSHU. Mrs. Morawska-Uhryn noted, that the Consulate General of Poland in St. Petersburg is interested in the development of a large-scale cooperation in the sphere of education and science between the Russian and Polish universities and will promote the interest of Russian students to study Polish language and culture.
New perspectives in cooperation Печать
18.09.2014 г.
New perspectives in cooperation between Murmansk State Humanities University and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University 

September 9-10 th, Milosh Huber and Olga Jakowlewa, representatives from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland) paid a visit to the MSHU. Within the program of visit, there were held a few meetings with vice-rector for scientific research Galina Zhigunova, deans Olga Kievskaya and Elena Statsenko and International cooperation department. 

Polish colleagues have offered MSHU a large-scale cooperation, covering both humanities and natural-science spheres. Within the humanities science, it is planned to develop relations in the field of studying Polish language and culture at MSHU and studying Russian as a foreign language at the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska. 
Official meeting with Isabelle Guissard Печать
17.06.2014 г.
On the 10-11th of June an official meeting with the representative of international office of Finnmark Faculty of the Arctic University of Norway Isabelle Guissard took place at MSHU. During the negotiations with MSHU Rector and Vice-Rectors they discussed issues on the general cooperation strategy of Finnmark Faculty and MSHU in the sphere of international projects, research and programs.
News of the project “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” Печать
10.06.2014 г.
On 3-4 June the “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” project participants from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway met at the conference «Barents Reunion» in Tornio, Finland. At the same time the Barents Festival for young entrepreneurs was carried out in Tornio.
Conference "Voices from the North: Calling for Inclusive Education" Печать
18.04.2014 г.
On the 10-11 April the conference "Voices from the North: Calling for Inclusive Education" took place in the University of Lapland. The conference considered both theoretical problems of inclusive education and practical aspects of inclusion. Representatives from Russia (Murmansk and Arkhangelsk region), Finland and Denmark took part in the conference.The delegation from the Murmansk region included representatives not only from MSHU but also from schools and other educational institutions of the city and region: Murmansk gymnasiums # 2, 6, schools #56, Murmashi school #1, Lovozero boarding-school, Khibiny gymnasium, Minkino special boarding-school, In-Service Training Institute for Education and Culture, Center for Psychological and Pedagocial Rehabilitation and Correction. Murmansk International Lyceum. On of the basic presentations was made by Director of IPP Tatiana Kuzmicheva and Head of the Department of Special Pedagogy and Special Psychology Yulia Afonkina. School teachers Daria Morozova, Valentina Ivanova, Tatiana Teterina and director of CPPRC Irina Usanova presented inclusive practices in schools. The presentations of the Murmansk delegation reflecting the results of 2 year work aroused much interest and approval among Russian and foreign partners.
Days of Northern Europe Печать
17.04.2014 г.
On the 7th – 15th April the Days of Northern Europe were held in Murmansk. The cultural project was realized with the support of Consulate General of Norway in Murmansk and Murmansk branch of Consulate General of Finland in Saint-Petersburg. The program of the Days of Northern Europe included a meeting with the famous Norwegian writer Erlend Loe and the prominent Norwegian historian, Professor Narve Fulsas. The students witnessed the interesting dialogue of historians: professor from the Institute of World History of the RAS V. Roginsky and Professor N. Fulsas. Not less interesting dialogue took place with Marketing Director of the Finnish center “Mummiland” Ann-Karin Koskinen. The culmination point was a mini-performance of the student theatre “Nordica” after Scandinavian folklore.
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