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Welcome to Murmansk Arctic State University!

In November 2014 the University celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The Anniversary is the time when we estimate the past, comprehend the present and plan the future. University met its Anniversary worthily not only demonstrating its correspondence to modern demands but also having great creative and professional potential. The results that the University has already gained are the basis for its future success, the outcome of the intense work of those who have created the University’s reputation. The history of Murmansk Arctic State University lets us look forward with certainty, because during this period the University has become the center of science and culture in the Kola North and its graduates, being the intellectual elite of the region, strengthen and increase its glory.

Latest local events:

Pepresentatives of the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg Печать
05.10.2016 г.
On October 5th, 2016 the representatives of the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg and the leading architectural companies in Netherlands «MLA +» visited MASU. The delegation included the following officials: Consul General, Mr. Hans Karel Wesseling, Senior Economic Assistant Ekaterina Chausskaya , Assistant of Cultural Department Victoria Lurik, Director of the Architectural Companies «MLA +» Markus Appenzeller and his colleague and interpreter Yana Golubeva.
MASU delegation visited UiT Arctic University of Norway Печать
04.10.2016 г.
On 26-30 September  MASU delegation visited the Arctic University of Norway.  The delegation included Professor Andrey Sergeev, Rector, Professor Maxim Shishaev, Vice-Rector for Strategic Planning and Work with branches, Ass.Professor Inna Ryzhkova, Head of Research Work and International Cooperation and Yulia Shestova, project specialist, interpreter.  The delegation visited campuses in Tromso, Narvik, Alta, Kirkenes and the Barents Institute.
Congress of the University of Arctic Печать
23.09.2016 г.
On 12-16 September 2016 the first ever Congress of the University of Arctic took place at Saint-Petersburg State University. UArctic is the international network of more than 180 higher educational institutions and research centers from 16 countries cooperating within scientific research and education for sustainable development of northern regions and support for local population. For the first time one event involved the leading international scientists and young researchers whose scientific work is devoted to different aspects of the Arctic development.
Delegation from the Netherlands Печать
08.09.2016 г.
The delegation from the Netherlands visited MASU on the 8th of September. The delegation included Deputy Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Hugo Brouwer, as well as representatives of Twin Cities Coordination Council and business representatives. During the meeting with MASU Rector Andrey Sergeev they discussed issues of the Russian-Dutch cooperation in the sphere of higher education and research. Besides, the representative of the Dutch company “GazTerra” Mr Geert Greving delivered a lecture to MASU students, talked about bilateral cooperation between the countries and the projects which were implemented in the twin cities.

Delegation from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea Печать
03.06.2016 г.
On the 2nd of June the delegation from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea visited MASU. The delegation included Consul on Political and Economic Issues Cheong U Jing . During the meeting with MASU administration they discussed the problems of organizing  the conference on the Northern Sea Route which will take place in Murmansk on the 16th June 2016.  
“Cultural Heritage of Tourism in the Barents region” Печать
02.06.2016 г.
The joint educational training course “Cultural Heritage of Tourism in the Barents region” was carried out on the 22nd -27th of May. The course aimed at training professional staff for the tourism industry in the Northern territories and the Arctic. The intensive educational course was organized by Murmansk Arctic State University. Students and teachers from Lapland Consortium (Rovaniemi, Finland) and MASU (Murmansk, Russia) participated in the program. During the project implementation the participants got acquainted with the tourism resources of Kandalaksha, Varzuga, Umba, Kuzreka. The agenda was full of events and working meetings with representatives of the tourism industry focused on resources for developing historical, cultural and event tourism in the southern part of the Kola Peninsula. As a result of the educational project the international groups of students presented their view of tourism perspectives development in the Barents region.
Delegation from Harbin Печать
31.05.2016 г.
​On the 24th of May the delegation from Harbin visited MASU. The Chinese delegation included officials and executives: Gao Huimin, head of Foreign Affairs Directorate of Harbin People's Government; Xie Xuekun, office director of Harbin Municipal Education Bureau; Sung Zhuo-Syan, Deputy Director of Harbin school #6 and Cheng Si, head of External Relations Office at Harbin University.
Her Majesty’s Consul General Keith Allan visited MASU Печать
13.05.2016 г.
On the 10th of May Her Majesty’s Consul General Keith Allan visited MASU. During the meeting with MASU Rector Professor Andrey Sergeev they discussed the questions regarding the Russian British cooperation in the sphere of higher education. Mr. Allan informed MASU administration about the opportunity of getting grants for international projects from the British funds and expressed his hope for the development of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of education and research.
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