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MSHU is one of the leading centers of scientific research in the Murmansk region. The area of scientific research, developing at the University, includes, mainly, Social Humanities, Naturals Sciences, Psychological and Pedagogical spheres. University researchers participate in scientific projects, aimed at studying the history and culture of the European North, problems of the above-ground and urban ecology, environmental management and environmental protection in this region. Much attention is traditionally paid to pedagogical problems, different aspects of theory and history of Pedagogy, Pedagogical Technologies, Methods of Teaching different disciplines. MSHU researchers study conditions for favorable social climate in order to provide life-sustaining activities and healthy way of life of the population, creativity and development of abilities through the development of the whole system of education and higher education, in particular.

Alongside research conducted at MSHU Departments there are 10 scientific research laboratories at the University.

MSHU active scientific activities attracted interest of big scientific centers and leading higher education institutions from Russia and Northern Europe.

MSHU scientists participate actively in research within grants of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund, the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research, European Union, Soros Fund, Barents-Secretariat, federal and regional target programs and others. Since 2005 the University has conducted fundamental and applied research financed by the Federal Agency on Education. At present MSHU participates in scientific and research work within the analytical departmental target program "Development of scientific potential of higher school in 2009-2010" as well as the federal target program "Scientific and pedagogical staff of innovational Russia for 2009-2013".

The significant part of highly qualified staff is trained at MSHU post-graduate courses. Candidates of Sciences have been trained at MSHU post-graduate courses in 10 specialities since 1993.

At MSHU there is a flexible system of student involvement in scientific activities and a student scientific society has been created for this aim. The students have an opportunity to publish the results of their work in the annual collection of articles "Young Science of the High North", participate in realization of various scientific projects and programs. "Young scientists' school" has become traditional; within its frames invited researchers and leading specialists in different scientific areas deliver lectures to students.

Competitions and exhibitions of scientific works, Olympiads and scientific conferences, Weeks and Decades of science, Scientific Assemblies are an essential part of MSHU life. The results of scientific research have been successfully probated in international, all-Russian and regional scientific research activities and were awarded prizes. MSHU students become laureates and prize-winners of the All-Russian Youth Forum "UNECO", All-Russian Sociological Congress, Open Competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for the best student work in Natural, Technical and Humanitarian Sciences.