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“The Big World” Project

“The Big World” internal project has been implemented at MSHU since November 2010. As a part of the project famous scholars, diplomats, politicians and representatives of business community from Russia and from abroad give speeches for students, lecturers and university employees.

The goal of the project is to broaden outlook of students and teachers, to build understanding of complexity and diversity of the modern world, which in turn should help students to manage successfully in the complex processes occurring in it and find their place in life. The aim of the project is also to develop knowledge of students of our University about the world today, to acquaint them with history, traditions, culture and way of life of different countries and peoples.

All the lectures given within the project aroused great interest of MSHU students, employees and local mass media.

Project participants:

20.09.2011 г. Mauri Yla-Kotola
14.03.2011 г. Jarle Aarbakke
22.12.2010 г. Jon Elvedal Fredriksen
22.11.2010 г. Eugene Berg