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MASU delegation visited UiT Arctic University of Norway
04.10.2016 г.
On 26-30 September  MASU delegation visited the Arctic University of Norway.  The delegation included Professor Andrey Sergeev, Rector, Professor Maxim Shishaev, Vice-Rector for Strategic Planning and Work with branches, Ass.Professor Inna Ryzhkova, Head of Research Work and International Cooperation and Yulia Shestova, project specialist, interpreter.  The delegation visited campuses in Tromso, Narvik, Alta, Kirkenes and the Barents Institute.

During the meetings with the administration and Deans of different faculties of the Arctic University of Norway Andrey Sergeev and Maxim Shishaev made a presentation on the development concept of Murmansk Arctic State University as a significant regional scientific and educational center the main objective of which is to train the staff satisfying the needs of the region. The two parties exchanged their vision of risk factors accompanying any University merge.

The focus was also on the necessity of international cooperation in the sphere of academic student and teacher mobility, international projects and programs devoted to the Arctic problematics. They discussed the content of the project in the sphere of education, economics, ecology, leisure and sports, engineering and computer technologies. Potential projects can be financed by KolArctic programme and other funds for Norwegian Russian cooperation. They also mentioned the necessity of joint Russian Norwegian publications on the Arctic-related issues. Special attention was paid to the realization of Bachelor of Northern Studies program in which MASU students are also enrolled. The issue of paying the administrative fee will soon be discussed by Tromso Commune.
More detailed information will be reflected in the respective communique.

The administration of the Arctic University of Norway plans to visit MASU in February 2017.


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