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Pepresentatives of the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg
05.10.2016 г.
On October 5th, 2016 the representatives of the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg and the leading architectural companies in Netherlands «MLA +» visited MASU. The delegation included the following officials: Consul General, Mr. Hans Karel Wesseling, Senior Economic Assistant Ekaterina Chausskaya , Assistant of Cultural Department Victoria Lurik, Director of the Architectural Companies «MLA +» Markus Appenzeller and his colleague and interpreter Yana Golubeva.

During the meeting Rector of MASU Andrei Sergeev has introduced a new concept of the university as a major research and educational center of the region, stressing the importance of international cooperation in higher education, integration of science and business. Possibility of joint implementation in the field of urban design projects, inclusive education and law is on primary importance now.

After the official meeting the director of the architectural companies «MLA +» Markus Appenzeller has shown the presentation on the topic «Heroic past – comfortable future?». Murmansk has a heroic past as an outpost in arctic climate and as an important harbor for the Russian Navy. The climate change makes the harbor more accessible and new shipping routes are being opened and it is the key harbor in the exploitation of oil reserves in the arctic sea. During the lecture he identified possibilities and opportunities that Murmansk could take to pave its way into the future.


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