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Project BRIDGE meeting at Kirkenes
20.10.2016 г.
On October 11-12, 2016 in Kirkenes was held a meeting of the BRIDGE project working group. The project is aimed at the integration of business, science and education in the Barents region. The meeting was attended by the following representatives: Director of the Research Work and International Cooperation Department at Murmansk Arctic State University Inna Ryzhkova, Deputy Dean for Projects and Innovations at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations at ITMO University Igor Kuprienko, International Project Coordinator at the Institute of International Business and Law at ITMO University Elena Gordeeva, Assistant professor at the Department of Tourism and Northern Studies at UiT Peter Fischer and Specialist for International Cooperation and Research at Murmansk Arctic State University Yulia Mitina.

BRIDGE Project is one of the most prospective projects of the Barents region as it provides students with different areas of training opportunities to develop their creative potential and creative initiatives. The project fully meets the objectives of Kolarctic program, promotes business development, improves accessibility of regions and develops sustainable regional professional networks.

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