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От Щецинского университета (Польша)
27.11.2009 г.

Dear Prof. Sergeev

On behalf of the entire academic community of Szczecin University, I would like to convey my warmest congratulations and best wishes on the 70th anniversary of Your University to You personally and to Your staff and students.

Unfortunately, due to other obligations, neither I nor the Vice-Rector Prof. Andrzej Witkowski could attend the festivity. However, Szczecin University feels pleased and honoured to be invited. We thank You very much.

We look upon the future cooperation of our universities with hope, and believe that together we have the potential to develop, grow and contribute to education and research in Europe and beyond.

Once again, we would like to wish all members of the Murmansk State Pedagogical University all the best for the further successful development of their Alma Mater in the next 70 years.

Looking forward to our further cooperation.

Yours respectfully.
Prof. dr hab. Waldemar Tarczynski
Rector of Szczecin University

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