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History of MSPU
05.10.2011 г.

1939 — A two-year part-time Teacher Institute was founded.

There were three Departments:
- Physics and Mathematics;
- History and Philology;
- Chemistry and Biology.

1956 — The Teacher Institute became Murmansk State Pedagogical Institute with two faculties: the Faculty of History and Philology and the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

1961 — The Student Scientific Society was organized.

1989 — The Faculty of Pre-School Education was established.

1980s — Educational TV started its work at MSPI.

               International cooperation began to develop actively.

1990s — The History Museum of the Public Education in the Kola North was founded at MSPI.

           — The Publishing House was established. The journal "MSPI Barents-Center Bulletin" and the student newspaper "MSPI Planet" started to be published. 

1994 — The Faculty of Foreign Languages was established (reorganized in 2007).

1998 — The Faculty of Natural Sciences was established.

1999 — The Faculty of Art Education was established.

2002 — Murmansk State Pedagogical Institute became Murmansk State Pedagogical University.

2002 — The Faculty of Special Pedagogy and Psychology was established.

2004 — The Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Programming and Economics was established.

2004 — Student Voluntary Rescue Team was organized.

2006 — The UNESCO Department "Intercultural Communication in the European North" was founded at MSPU.

2006 — The Faculty of Pre-School Education was renamed The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

              The Faculty of Physical Culture and Life Safety was established.

2007 — The Faculty of History and Philology became the Faculty of Humanities.

2007 — The Faculty of Philology and Journalism was established.

2009 — The Faculty of Technology and Design and the Faculty of Culture and Arts merged into the Faculty of Art Education, Technology and Design.

November 2009 — Murmansk State Pedagogical University celebrated its 70th Anniversary.

September 2010 — Murmansk State Pedagogical University was reorganized into Murmansk State Humanities University.