First meeting within the framework of Societal security project
03.05.2017 .
28th April, 2017, Saint-Petersburg State University's Department of International Relations served a platform for the first meeting within the framework of "Societal security" project. The project's implementation was financed by the means of Nordic Council grant. The meeting was attended by researchers from Saint Petersburg State University, Murmansk Arctic State University, Northern Arctic State University, Arctic University of Norway, Lapland University, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences of The University of Iceland, Council of the Baltic Sea States etc.

MASU delegation was represented by professor, vice-rector for strategic development M. Shishaev; associate professor Yu. Bardileva; associate professor, head of International Cooperation Office I. Ryzhkova. Professor Shishaev and associate professor Bardileva presented their own vision on various aspects of contemporary societal security issue. The presentations had the highest regard from the Russian and foreign partners. The next project meeting is planned for the Autumn 2017 to be held on the basis of the Arctic University of Norway. Within the meeting's framework the participants are to discuss the issues concerning the publication of joint collection of articles devoted to the societal security methodology.