Lecture for MASU students on Social work practices in Finland
22.05.2017 г.
17 May 2017, MASU Humanities and Social Studies Institute held a meeting between the students of Social work program studying at the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences (photos 1,2), Sari Pöyhönen – Assistant Consul General of Finland in Saint-Petersburg (Murmansk office) in mass media and culture issues, and Tatyana Yashinkina – Assistant for economic affairs in the mentioned Consulate.

In Finland, the system of social support for the citizens is well structured and has its own historical background. The lecture "Social work practices in Finland" included the overview of social work innovations concerning support of mothers with newborn babies (photos 3, 4). Such a representational material as a young mother toolkit (a box with various stuff for newborn babies) generated genuine interest in the audience, in particular, young ladies (photos 5).       

After the lecture, students asked a large number of questions and suggested having a whole module of lectures on Social work practices in Finland. 

Furthermore, all the students were presented with the books on social work by MASU guests: "100 social innovations in Finland", booklets "Mother toolkits in Finland: equal come to life" and "Finnish lifestyle".