MASU deligation in "Tirpitz" Museum in Alta, Norway
22.06.2017 г.
15-16 June 2017, MASU delegation took part in opening the exhibition of "Tirpitz" Museum in Alta, Norway. The exhibition is devoted to the presence of "Tirpitz" battleship in Norway during the World War II when the vessel threatened the Allied convoys to USSR and retained British navy forces. During the exhibition, Russian representatives gave a lecture on Soviet forces in the Northern regions. Also, the parties held a discussion concerning the role of USSR in liberating Northern Norway and reflected upon Norwegian partisans' help for the Soviet prisoners in Norway.

What is more, MASU delegation visited a former camp for the Soviet prisoners in Kåfjord village.

Murmansk Arctic State University delegation included: head of History and Law Department, PhD in History, associate professor — Vladislav Kuz; PhD in History, associate professor – Maria Ilicheva; interpreter of Research and International Communication Office — Mikhail Uksusov.

MASU is now planning to develop the collaboration with the Norwegian partners in the framework of cultural and educational projects: creating joint tourist route along the major Northern battlefield and memorial places; organizing the exhibition of war-time photos; installing the memorial sign on place of the former prisoners camp; giving thematic lectures to MASU students etc.