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The public lectures by Milosh Huber (Lublin, Poland)

  • 11 Сентября 2015
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The public lectures by Milosh Huber (Lublin, Poland)

September 8, 2015 the public lectures by Milosh Huber were held at Murmansk State Humanities University at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Physical Education and Safety. Milosh Huber is the Associate Professor of Geology and Protection of the Lithosphere at the Faculty of Earth Sciences at Marie Curie-Sklodowskaya University (Lublin, Poland).

The first lecture «Wellness hiking in Poland» was interesting for students of the third and fourth years of the Program in Teacher Education (Profile: Physical Education), and for the teachers of the Department of Physical Education, Sports, Health and Safety. This lecture was devoted to the history of spa treatment and the perspective directions of Western European resorts and tourist area.

All the listeners got acquainted with the basic profile of the resorts and wellness centres, for example, the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract. Milosh Huber also noted that plastic surgery is a new and rapidly developing field. The health centers often use wellness-techniques, spa and salt rooms which are the most effective methods of treatment and prevention of diseases. Such kinds of treatment are quite popular among tourists.

The lectures on the topics «What do we need to know about isotopes?» and «Balanced urban development on the example of the European Union» have caused the great interest among the students of 1-4 years of the Program in Biology and Ecology and Natural Resources, as well as the teachers of the Department of Natural Sciences. Students got acquainted with modern methods of analysis of the age of rocks, learnt more about the possibilities of using isotopes in different spheres of life.

While demonstrating a variety of solutions in the field of landscape design, Milosh Huber emphasized the advantages of Murmansk, its bright and colorful houses, memorials, creative solutions in the design of squares and streets.

At the end of the lectures Milosh Huber answered all the questions from the audience.

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